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IHM = Individualized Health Management

is based upon





The 360 degree method

Patient = Individualized Self-Care (ISC)

supported by Doctor and Diabetes Team = Individualized Treatment Program (ITP)

Partner, Family Group = Individualized Support Program (ISP)


These three groups determine in a 360 degree synergy the Individualized Action Program.

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The 3 stages of Diabetes Management

Diabetes Type 2 is an ‘addictive eating disorder’. The Patient needs

  • to get unconditioned acceptance,
  • empowerment and
  • enabling

for the best possible Diabetes Management.


The Individualized Diabetes Management-System ‘InDiMa’ is supporting you in a very personal way to cope with your Diabetes.



‘InDiMa’ is based upon a three-phase process:


Phase I: The ‘InDiMa’ system is helping you to start: Empowerment and Enabling.

Phase II: ‘InDiMa’ is supporting you to act as partner with your doctor and the Diabetes Team.

Phase III: Finally, the ‘InDiMa’ system is supporting and accompanying you on your way to combine healthy living and quality of life.